Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Are You Still Reading NY Times online?

I have read the NY Times in print and online for over twenty years even though I have never lived in New York City. I read it for the national news coverage, the opinion pages, business, science, and technology news. When I lived in Ithaca, NY we got the regional price which is lower then the national price, and when I worked at Carnegie Mellon University, I could get it at a reduced price at the campus bookstore.

In recent years I have read it online. I would start with the columnists, then move on the most emailed stories list before digging deeper. Since the start of Times Select the new paid subscription service, I find myself reading the NY Times less and less. I go less often to the website, and I read less when I get there. I find myself going to the Washington Post's website more and spending more time there.

I have noticed that the columnists who are now only available on Times Select are less present on the most emailed list and when they do appear they are lower ranked. I do not know if the Times is making money on Times Select, but I would be very curious how much traffic they losing on the rest of the site.


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