Thursday, December 29, 2005

Man with a New Camera

If you receive a new camera for Christmas, what should you do with it. Well obviously you should take a picture of a tree. After that you can take pictures of the family, but soon they are tired of having their pictures taken. At that point all you have left is to take your own picture in a mirror.

It is a pretty good camera. This is just a small fraction of the actual shot. It is hand held in available light, since flash photography does not work well with mirrors.

I use Picasa to manage my photos. I find it easy to use, and it does 90% of what I need. It also has a "Blog this" button which makes adding photos, even stupid ones to the blog easy.

I am still investigating if any of the web photo services is useful. I have tried webshots, snapfish, and Yahoo photos. I can't say that I find anyone service clearly better than any other so far.
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