Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dispatches from the Culture Wars Has Moved

Ed Brayton has moved his blog to Dispatches is one of my favorite blogs. I am very impressed with the effort that Ed puts into understanding the evolution/creationism debate. I followed the Dover trial mostly through Dispatches. Ed dug into the transcripts to find all sorts of interesting details that you could not get in press reports. Ed plans no change in the content of his blog.
I have joined forces with a group of other popular science bloggers under the umbrella of Seed Media Group. As I've previously noted, all content here is still solely my responsibility. I will still write whatever I want about any subject I choose and no one has any authority over that but me.
In a previous post, Ed explained why he was moving.
Their plan is for all of us to move our blogs to their servers where they will handle all of the technical aspects of blogging and we would continue to do what we do. Each blog will remain independent of all the others, but they will be linked together in hopes of increasing everyone's readership. There will also be shared advertising, which will allow us each to be paid for our efforts.
I hope Ed will be comfortable at, because I fear that I will need to read Ed's blog for quite awhile.

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