Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Blogging Tool for Firefox

I have only been partly happy with the web based blog editor that blogger supplies, so I have been looking for something better. I have just upgraded to Firefox 1.5 and there is an extension available called Peformancing for Firefox. This is my first post using it so I do not have an evaluation yet. You can check HOW TO: Using Performancing for Firefox | for more info.

It has a WYSIWYG editor with similar features to the blogger web tool. It has a interesting split screen feature. When you start it, it splits the window and the page that you were viewing appears on top. The editing window appears on the bottom. This is a nice feature that lets you continua to see the page that you are commenting on. The spell checker is still under development.
If you are daring, and don't mind installing a beta extension, then in-line spelling is a must have for any spelling idiot like me.

[Install Spellbound Development Version]

You need the latest Spellbound development version from here, once installed you will have built-in spell checking in both Firefox and PFF ...

Update: My first post broke my Haloscan trackbacks. When I edited the post with the blogger web based editor, they came back.

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