Thursday, January 12, 2006

Nikon Phases Out Film Cameras

The Washington Post reports today that Nikon is getting out of the film photography business. The lineup of film cameras will be reduced from 9 to 2.
"To use a car industry analogy, it would be the same as Ford saying it is no longer producing an internal-combustion engine. It's really that revolutionary," said Mark Greenberg, a professional photographer who has shot for National Geographic, Life and this week's People magazine. "Film is done. Digital rules the world now."
Many years ago when I was a poor graduate student, I yearned for a Trek bike, a Sony TV, and a Nikon camera. Well, for Christmas I received a Nikon D50 camera which is a digital SLR. My first Nikon camera is digital. I guess this is why Nikon is giving up on film.

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